Wolverine #5: Richard Armitage Speaks and Rolls on the Floor

**Minor Spoilers** So, finally, we are treated to some more substantial dialogue for Richard Armitage in Wolverine: The Long Night. His parts of the episode are really good. He is definitely a master of vocal disguise — I believe that I would not have recognized this gruff-voiced, snarly North American guy, if I didn’t already know who it was!

I’m also listening again to The Lords of the North audiobook, as I work my way through the The Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwall. Going between the two audio performances by Richard Armitage, I am struck by the vast difference in the way he pronounces the word “bastard” — in 2007 with an accent from the North of England and in 2018 with a growly North American accent. (Bear with me… my first attempt at embedding an audio file.)



A little later in the episode is (presumably) the scene we saw in this video released by Marvel a couple of weeks ago, spotlighting Scott Adsit as Sheriff Ridge waking a sleeping Logan.

You know, I really wish we could see some video and audio together — I’m having trouble convincing my brain that the Logan voice is really Richard Armitage!

As for the rest of the episode, I’m afraid that I am really having trouble with the brutality of the hunting scenes — not the hunting per se, but the characters who take delight in violent mastery over animals.

Skipping through The Marvel After Show is more difficult this week, because the hosts do most of the talking, even when they are joined by Celia Keenan-Bolger (Agent Pierce). In fact, the latter joins in the general hilarity of the show. She does tell a cute story, though, with she and her brother Andrew (who plays Bobby) each finding out that the other is auditioning for a podcast, waiting for the results, getting the parts, and then finding out that they are actually in Wolverine. Keenan-Bolger tells us that the ending of the series is worth waiting for.

I suppose I have to make a decision… payments for Stitcher will kick in this week, I believe. Will I stick with it for the last 5 episodes? Stay tuned.


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