Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”

In case you didn’t see this, a joint audio/TV production has been announced that takes Wanderlust one step further — and five lucky fans will be part of the action!


Do you love romance? Do you enjoy exploring new places and trying new foods? Have you ever wanted to meet Richard Armitage? If you said “yes’ to any of these questions, read on…

Wanderlust New CoverWe are thrilled to announce a newly commissioned television programme, to air in the autumn in five parts. The programme will chronicle the travels of renowned actor Richard Armitage and a guest, as they discover the hidden treasures of exciting locations associated with his work. This project is a spin-off from the highly successful Wanderlust audiobook, which featured the dulcet tones of Mr. Armitage, as a personal translator.

A spokesperson for the programme says, “We are excited to have this opportunity to bring together some of the best things on television — travel, food, romance, and Richard Armitage! We believe that viewers will enjoy our programme, as well as the chance to be a guest on one of the five episodes. As a precaution, we have engaged web experts to prevent our email server crashing due to the expected overwhelming response to this call for participants.”

Guests on the programme will travel all-expenses-paid to one of five destinations and will enjoy exploring the location with Richard Armitage as their tour guide.


PARIS: Starting at the location that launched the current Wanderlust craze, Armitage takes his guest on a tour of the city, discovering ancient sundials, angels, and even the elephant described in the audiobook. The guest will be introduced to such Armitage food favourites as gratin dauphinois and to the coffee accompaniment made famous in Wanderlust, pain au chocolat. As a special highlight, personally selected chocolates will be hand-fed to the guest by Richard Armitage, himself.

BERLIN: As filming of Berlin Station is now moving to Hungary, this episode marks a nostalgic visit by the actor and his guest to the city which became a prominent character in that programme. The tour covers various filming locations, including not only landmarks, but also the more seedy of the safe houses used in Berlin Station. While Armitage does escort his guest to restaurants frequented by the cast of the popular spy show, the culinary delight of this episode is the “world-famous kebab stand” that so fascinated Armitage during his stay in Berlin.

LONDON: What could be better than visiting the London theatre district with the man who starred as John Proctor in the critically acclaimed production of The Crucible? Armitage takes his guest into rehearsal rooms, to acting classes, and on a night out to watch a current National Theatre show. During the tour, the guest receives a lesson from the expert in taking great selfies using filters. Traditional food experiences include the “full English breakfast”, as well as afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason’s.

NEW YORK: We join Armitage and his guest for another theatre-themed episode across the pond, with excursions to both Broadway and off-Broadway plays. With Love Love Love having showcased his uncanny ability to age four decades in an evening, viewers may be surprised with Armitage’s ever-changing appearance! Currently residing in New York, Armitage shows his guest some of his favourite neighbourhood haunts, including the best places in Washington Square Park to listen to buskers or watch the dogs run. The tour covers must-do food experiences, such as pizza in Brooklyn, and also the more mundane locations like the store where Armitage buys his apples.

YUKON: Moving on to Canada, this final episode is a first trip for Armitage, despite Wolverine: The Long Night being set next door to the Yukon. Armitage and his guest explore the back country, under the capable guidance of Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild), who certainly arranges for some tricky situations! Wildlife is seen up close and personal, while Armitage and his guest learn to live off the land and eat only what can be cooked over the campfire. Viewers are treated to Armitage singing what must soon become a campfire classic, “Misty Mountains”.

To Qualify as a Guest:

  • We are looking for enthusiastic travelers and adventurous foodies!
  • Entry is open to all genders, ages, and first languages — translator will be provided.
  • Email should indicate your first choice from the five destinations. Include a 2-minute video of yourself, describing why you would be great on this show.
  • Short-listed entrants will be required to answer an Armitage-related series of knowledge-based questions.
  • Please send your entry by April 1, 2018 to:

25 thoughts on “Contest/Casting Announcement: “Wanderlust Travels & Cuisine”

  1. Sue, you are on a roll today. This – and the RABBBWW post – are fantastic. I looked twice at the headline, and then burst out laughing when I read the text. Oh yeah, this would have many uptakers.
    Happy Easter!

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  3. Such a pity – too late for this challenge… or wondrous life-style trip for globetrotters… 😓 Oh had I been an April’s fool… Thanks for the laugh that makes me shift swiftly into my working week after that bank holiday weekend! 😘

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