This… I Did Not Like

**SPOILERS** Fourth episode of Wolverine: The Long Night and very little of the title character. Plus, some really disturbing scenes. To me, this is an episode that can be skipped without missing much.

About one minute in, a hunter describes seeing, “…a man, naked, without a stitch on him, not even boots…” and we hear a bit of breathing. Then Logan speaks a few short sentences at 11 minutes, 30 seconds in. From this we gather that Logan (no surprise) hunts with the wolves and that he can be a good guy in defending someone in trouble.


No moose were harmed in the making of this photo

Later, we take a trip through the Langrocks’ house, where we are introduced to the trophy room of Langrock and his son. They hunt for trophies primarily, with meat being unimportant, as is the suffering of any animals that they kill inhumanely. My father’s family lived in the bush in Quebec and were hunters too, but by a quick strategic shot and for food, not for a trophy to hang on the wall. A scene is described in which a moose is shot in a way which causes distress, compounded by its being trapped under ice, and the Langrocks go in for the trophy. Yuck. Strangely, today I was in someone’s office which had been decorated like a lodge. It had a moose-head trophy on the wall. What are the chances.

So, yeah… very skipable episode.

I also skimmed through The Marvel After Show (not being able to listen to the ha-ha-ha loudness of the hosts) to get to the interview with the hunter who describes seeing Logan in the woods at the beginning of the episode. As the hosts do most of the talking and this actor (Gordon Tashijian) has only a short scene, there is not much worth listening to here either.

Except that we learned that they “… didn’t actually play that one in the studio as written. So, there were no wolves or naked people in the studio.”

Darn. So, apparently, nothing to see here, people.

I’m getting a bit worried that a few meagre lines per episode will be the trend right to the end.

8 thoughts on “This… I Did Not Like

      • I just try to describe my reactions, although I almost always pull some punches when I’m writing about something I don’t like. I’ve pulled one huge one about this show.

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  1. I’m with you there! I got really bored with the 4th episode and i wasn’t all that fascinated with the previous ones either, too many characters and none too interesting.. cults, nasty hunters, poor kids living in the cold woods in Alaska??? Cliches and not very appealing ones and i can’t stand the 2 cops/or whatever they are. I then listened to the after shows in succession these last 2-3 days and i barely made it through, the 2 hosts grate on my nerves like nothing else, the after shows are actually longer than the eps themselves and thanks very much i can go on my own speculations and don’t need theirs. I’m sick of hearing about Bobby, Logan being small, hairy and smelly and how the writer’s voice is so actually ‘Wolverine’… it made me roll my eyes and ask myself why they didn’t get him to voice it then???? Oh and the series is so ‘noir’.. YAWN.
    I’m much less in awe on the audio work than they are, audio drama has been doing this for ages, a podcast is nothing else but a downloadable bit of audio! Not a glorified invention like they make it out. Also from the comments of the Sticher producer it turns out there were only 2 days of location shoots, involving mostly walks in the woods and then there was a bigger studios allowing a bit of walking and movement and the rest is added audio effects. Sorry, having a bigger budget because Marvel has got the $$$ and thus being able to record outside a studios isn’t all that groundbreaking, unless they assume their audience has not listened to radio drama ever, which may be the case. And bi-aural- ie surround sound has been done for ages, i’ve done it for years myself with 2 mics in my ears, so 360 degree mics are not such a big deal either.
    I get that they need to sell but all the ‘amazing stuff’ about this podcast series is grossly overrated imho up to now. I am waiting to be really entranced and it’s not happened so far. The more or less 20 min/week don’t help either because by the time new ep drops i’ve forgotten everything that’s happened so far. And i suspect it is so drawn out because they want my subscription money for longer… My attention span going well beyond 20 min i would have much preferred full 60min installments.
    Anyway, just frustrated, sorry, i like Wolverine as a character but this is falling short of my expectations so far 😦

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    • Oh, I don’t mind the two federal agents. She is so deadpan. There’s a cop on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” who reminds me of her… although she is played for laughs! But the two hosts? Some people must like that I guess, but not me. I think a lot of the sci-fi type shows have after-shows with just that kind of over-the-top enthusiastic tone. Really annoying to me. I just skip over them and only listen to the interviews. But did you listen to the writer’s voice? Not sure it’s Wolverine, but it is definitely an unusually deep bass voice.

      I do think the sound is really good. But I’ve never listened to much in the way of audiobooks or audio drama or anything like that before succumbing to my Armitage-mania. I agree, though, on the location stuff — originally they made it sound like there was a whole lot of it, not just a couple of days.

      I really hope that we get some more Armitage/Logan pretty soon — and for more than just a few sentences. It is, after all, why we are listening! I can go along and be patient for a certain amount of time and try to appreciate what IS there, but after a while, I may have to start thinking about whether I’m willing to pay for it once the payment kicks in.


    • I agree that they’re hyping without restraint, but I do listen to radio drama and the sound quality of what I’m hearing from them is better than practically everything else I hear. It’s the main redeeming quality of the piece.

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