Milestones: Life & Blogging

This past week, I reached two milestones, one in life and one in blogging.


anniversary-2673510_640My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this week. A lot has happened in that time — job changes, moving across the country, three house purchases, two kids, family deaths and marriages. It hasn’t always been what we’ve planned or hoped for, but we’ve been through it together. There are laughs and good times along the way, but really it takes endurance, perseverance, and maybe sheer stubbornness. Both of us are really alphas, so that doesn’t always make for the most peaceful existence. Now If he’d just acknowledge the words of the tea towel that hangs in the kitchen… 😃


In our busy lives, we didn’t have time to celebrate on the day itself, but on Friday we went out to a small but excellent restaurant just down the street. Apparently, the 30th is the pearl anniversary — no pearls were involved not really a pearl kind of girl anyway, but the restaurant has a pear theme in their decor and menu, so we were only missing an “L”! Here is some of the delicious and beautifully presented food that we indulged in, while having a nice quiet evening away from the house.

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1000 LikesThis week I picked up my phone and was surprised to see a notification of a blog milestone of 1,000 likes. Now while “the quest for the like” isn’t why I blog, I have to admit that it gave me a little lift and made me feel a bit better, in spite of not being as present as I would like on my blog and in the blogosphere in general lately. It’s not that I don’t have things I want to blog about — I’ve actually got a backlog of posts running around in my head. However, I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with work (new boss, new direction, faster pace) and life lately. I’ve had a hard time finding the time and energy to blog, or even to read other blogs. Even when I do have the energy to read other blogs, I’ve felt myself reverting to lurking half the time. So, thanks for continuing to read and please don’t take it personally if I haven’t been commenting much or I’m slow to respond to comments. Hopefully, things will settle down or I’ll figure out a way to “do it all”!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful day. We had our celebration today, and enjoyed a nice spread of hors d’oeuvres before digging into the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!


21 thoughts on “Milestones: Life & Blogging

  1. Congratulations on all the milestones. 30 years is a nice long time – especially in this day and age, when relationships seem to break apart very easily, not least because of the pressures of life.
    As for the blogging – it’s always nice to see those milestones, and WP is very clever to bring them to our attention. It’s really motivating. Don’t worry about not being able to blog as much as you want to, or lurking on other blogs. We are all going through phases, and sometimes life just doesn’t leave the time for the things that are ‘luxurious’ – such as reading and writing.

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  2. I second the congrats on both fronts- wedding anniversary and blogging! I’m sorta the opposite now in that I think I comment a little too much like boy do I have so much free time that when I get a ping on the phone with a “like” comment or a response to my comment I am jumping up and down. I think it is kind of pathetic in a way but my sister put it in perspective yesterday she said if you have found a place that you can express your personality and have common interests with other women then who cares.

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  3. Congratulations on both milestones! We celebrated our 29th anniversary this year, and have the same list of accomplishments under our belts – I don’t have that towel in our kitchen though…maybe for our 30th? 😉 Way to go on the blogging efforts! It’s not Thanksgiving here in the US, I hope you enjoy your day! Thank you for stopping by to say hi, I’m thankful our paths have crossed here in the blogosphere!

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    • Thanks! 29 or 30 years is a long time, isn’t it. We had our kids later, though, so I still have a 17-year-old! The tea towel was actually a stocking stuffer from my husband, so all in good fun. I enjoy blogging and talking online to other bloggers like yourself — I just wish I had more time! Yes, in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.


  4. you’re so much classier than me, on our 22nd anniversary last month we went to my fav irish themed restaurant so that I could order the fish & chips, and we brought our teenage daughter with us. then we rented Captain America: Civil War to watch for a second time. oh, and I baked a cake, so we ate that too 😀

    when you mentioned Thanksgiving I had a moment of panic, like I somehow forgot a whole month of my life and what was I doing at home still, I’m supposed to be at my parent’s house! lol!

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    • I wish there was a good Irish pub near me! We do have a good fish and chips shop, but we wanted something a little fancier for the occasion. 22 years is a long time too! Sounds like a fun anniversary. I can’t really imagine not living with my husband — well unless I had to make an exception for Richard! LOL.

      Don’t worry… you still have a month until your Thanksgiving!


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