Mother’s Day

I am spending my day at the office today, looking out at the sunshine. I am working, but mostly I’m am here as support for my younger son who has a big assignment due and needs the quiet place to work. I used to tell my husband when the kids were small that I’d love a day to myself for Mother’s Day, but really, supporting my son is what it’s all about.

Gift from my kids when they were younger

My son said, “Don’t you always say you want to go for brunch on Mother’s Day? Well we can go to the Starbucks drive-through and you’ll finally get your brunch!” Funny guy. In the end the drive-through line was too long, but some of the Starbucks stores are now allowing mobile orders, so that’s what we did.

I haven’t seen my older son since March 14, due to possible Covid at his office and then just cautious social distancing. He turns 25 this week though and I’m looking forward to him coming for dinner next weekend. A couple of years ago, he gave me a blue orchid — it was actually a dyed plant, so it’s white now and still thriving. I’m plant sitting at the office for one of my staff — that’s her plant below.

My husband was able to have a call with his mum earlier today. Mine’s been gone for a while, but I always feel like if I could just remember her number I could give her a call. Always seems like maybe she’s not too far away. (My avatar is a painting she did that hangs in my living room.)

I recently discovered a singer/songwriter I really like. Not sure why I wasn’t aware of Brandi Carlile before, as she is a Grammy-winning artist. (I think I thought people were talking about Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s!) Her song The Mother, about life with her daughter, is very honest and shows the two sides of parenting…. “Welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind. You’re tethered to another and you’re worried all the time.” And the video (which I only just watched) is really nice.

Whether you are a mother or the child of a mother, I hope you are having a great day.

36 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. We have eased restrictions, so Spawn took me to Ruby Tuesdays. We like to go there for special occasions and this was one. It was really nice. THey had us spread out all over the resturant, the servers wore masks and gloves and at one point, a couple was dancing to the piped in music in a corner where no one else was. It was really nice. Today was beautiful and sunny.

    Yesterday, one of my neighbors held a back yard party. There were at least 20 cars in the driveway, yard and the road and they had the rap cranked so loud, my windows were rattling – and they’re 3 houses down across the street. At least they were done by 11 PM.

    It’s been a quiet day and I need to call my mom. It’s after 8. She’ll be fretting – if she remembers who I am today.

    Happy Mother’s day to you!

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          • Dad is very frail and fragile right now. The first thing I’m going to do when I get up there is arrange a home health caregiver to dispense meds and help a bit around the house with ooking. Mom won’t like it, but wee’re simply not giving her a choice right now. She’s on meds, so hopefully that will help.

            We know there isn’t a cure, just a slow, long goodbye. my son is realy having a hard time with this as well. They were very close

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              • We know there is no cure for this and hopefully, we’re just slowing the inevitable. like I said, Dad is over-whelmed and I fear she’s pretty far along this path at this point. The neurologist told my brother her most dominant personality trait is going to majorly come to the front. The woman is incredibly stubborn and everything is going to be a fight. T~his is going to be rough time. Especially for dad.

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                  • My aunt’s husband has Alzheimer’s. her daughter – my cousin – called me last night and we talked for an hour. A lot of information. I have another cousin – 2 actually – who are nurses, and the one I’m very close to talked to m`e for an hour yesterday as well. her husband is going through it with his mother, so we got a lot of` information there as well. Another cousin’s husband is going through it with his mom – he’s close to my brother, so he’s getting information from him and another cousin works for a company that places the elderly in hospices when they reach that stage. We’re surrounded by a lot of good, practical information.

                    I’m the oldest of 4 and we’re close. We decided that we are a team and we all do this together. We’re on the same page, one person isn’t in charge. We decided to be the best help for both parents was to surround ourselves with a strong support network. We’ve got it – not only as a group, but individually. This is going to be a rough road, but we’re going to walk it together.

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                    • That sounds like a great approach. You are lucky that you have that close support network. Do your siblings live close to your parents? And is it Alzheimer’s or maybe it doesn’t matter because the journey is similar regardless of the type of dementia?

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                    • We were simply told Advanced Dementia.

                      My brother lives and works realy close. My sister lives and works about 45 minutes away. It’s 45 minutes due to Atlanta traffic. she lives less than 20 miles.

                      My other brother lives about 2 hours NW of them and I’m 5 and a half hours south. We’ve learned how to phone conference really well!

                      We decided right off the bat we needed a support system, not only for my parents, but for us as well. Holidays and get togethers have always been special, but right this minute thy’re becoming precious. I won’t make it home tomorrow for Memorial Day, but I will be there Wednesday and I’ll stay about a week. I have 3 Google Chat meetings Tues, Wed and Thursday for work and I might have to go in Wednesday morning. If so, then we’ll leave from there.

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                    • Well, I hope you manage to have a good visit when you get there. Definitely sounds like some in-home helpers would be good with mostly people being a trek away. (And I hope Spawn’s interview goes well, too!)

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                    • Yeah, they need some part time help – especially with the dispensing of meds.

                      I hope his interview goes well, as well. he’s bored, needs to get back in school or do something constructive.

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  2. Bonne fête des mères Sue! Have a nice day!
    (dimanche 7 juin 2020 en France)
    So very very far from now, I shall be happy with decontainment to find special ideas…

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