Check out My New Phone Case!

I was very excited this week to receive my new phone case in the mail! These cases are snap-on and, if you pair them with a separate glass screen-protector, do a great job of protecting the phone while making a hidden statement. Of course, given the number of times I drop the phone, the cases eventually crack and have to be replaced…. which is great, because I get to buy new artwork and support my fellow fans!

In the past, I’ve usually stuck to Guylty’s Armitage-related designs, available here. She even has a new one with a white background she displays here, as a comforter or shower curtain. I am rather partial to the black pattern which I had on my now-cracked old case and other fan items, and apparently my dog likes it too!

This time, I decided to support another Armitage fan and author, Alyssa Bethancourt, of the Autistic Wordpainter blog, who recently set up her DogwoodHouseLLC shop on Redbubble. I really love the cover art she commissioned for Mornnovin, the excellent first novel in her fantasy series, The Way of the Falling Star. Credit for the artwork goes to Scott Baucan, while credit for the character and the novel goes to Alyssa. I wrote about Mornnovin here, during my mini-escape in March, and I highly recommend the book if you are into fantasy series.

The second book in the series, Trajelon, is due out in November, and Alyssa is planning a unique virtual book launch party on November 24 at 8 pm EST. In addition to a reading from the book, Alyssa is promising a book-themed game in the style of Cards Against Humanity, to be played by a group of authors and artists she has assembled — given that I’ve never played that game, I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will be a blast. Visit Alyssa’s site to find out more about the Trajelon launch party.

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