Would Tennant Interview Armitage If We Asked Nicely?

I love the “David Tennant Does a Podcast with…” podcast. The best episodes are of course focused on people he has worked with closely, where they engage in a lot of banter. A good example is Olivia Colman, his costar on Broadchurch. Even when I don’t know anything about the person Tennant is interviewing, though, I find that his easy but attentive interviewing style, combined with a bit of fun, makes the listen always enjoyable. I can’t wait until Mondays when the new episode comes out and I can listen while I drive back from dropping my son at school.

Nervously awaiting interview

I was thinking… how great would it be if Tennant interviewed Armitage? I’ve been wondering how to make the suggestion for a while. Well, the podcast has now put up a listener survey and one of the questions asked is who you would like to hear interviewed in the future. Perfect opportunity!

So, if anyone else is interested in making the suggestion (and I also suggested a few other favourites of mine of course), the link can be reached via tennantpodcast.com. (It redirects you to a survey website. I already did the survey, so I can’t put the actual link here or it will say you’ve already done it. Just type it in instead.)

10 thoughts on “Would Tennant Interview Armitage If We Asked Nicely?

          • You’re right, I do tend to drift off with audio works! I have listened to bits and pieces of podcasts in the past but yeah, they normally can’t really hold my interest for long. I think the only time recently that I have listened right through a whole podcast without switching off or drifting is when I listened to two Michelle Obama podcasts, one with Barack and the other with her brother. It’s different to audiobooks, I find, in that it’s real life people talking to each other about something that interests me and so apparently then I can listen! I don’t know if I could have the patience to listen to them all, so I start with the people who interest me and I was alright (even though, on occasion, I did drift off). So, I’m thinking podcasts are OK but only if they really pique my interest and some of these apparently did. 🙂 They’re a good distraction during household chores, especially while folding loads of laundry, so I may try a few more in the future.

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            • I haven’t tried Michelle Obama’s podcast yet. I’ve tried a few others, but you’re right that unless the subject interests me it is a chore to finish them. I usually listen in the car, during my drive home from dropping my son off or going to pick him up. We’re not locked down, really.

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              • I’ve only listened to those two of Michelle’s podcasts so far because I was curious about them. Not sure I’m as interested in other guests, although I might go back and check out who they were again and maybe try another one in time. I always need to be doing something else as well when I listen to these podcasts, like doing laundry. 🙂

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