Well At Least It’s Not…

… rheumatoid arthritis (RA). If you’ve read my earlier post, you’ll know that I was waiting for test results to find out why my ANA level (potential marker for an autoimmune disorder) was so high, with the particular test looking for rheumatoid. Although trying to find the actual answer will have to wait until I can see a rheumatologist, I can now say with certainty that RA has not infiltrated my body. (Lol. just had to use the pun at least once!)

On the other hand (or leg), I tried to get more tests to see what is wrong with my left knee, only to be told that because of the extent of the osteoarthritis there, no further testing would be done. Strange, as when I last spoke to the doctor he just said, “There’s arthritis in your knees,” before quickly moving on to other matters, to my mind implying it was mild. But now he tells me I actually have moderately severe arthritis in my left knee, in addition to the severe arthritis in my right hip. (I wonder what he’ll tell me next time?)

In any case, taking my health into my own hands, I’ve asked for a referral to OASIS (Osteoarthritis Service Integration System), which does assessment and education to help people self-manage their OA. And it may help me make a decision as to surgery. (Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts about this in the comments of the previous post.)

Funny, though, I’m actually walking pretty well this week. I’m not sure what makes the difference. Good thing, too, as my husband somehow twisted his knee working out, and someone has to do the grocery shopping! Can’t both be out of commission at the same time.

I’m also really pleased that I’ve lost almost four pounds in the two weeks that I’ve been trying to choose low glycemic foods and cut out the wheat, potato, and sugar based products. Hopefully I can ward off diabetes and also take some of the strain off my joints. Regardless, I actually feel a lot better.

We are having lovely spring weather here. I found an outdoor patio and sat and drank a coffee. (Indoor dining is shut down again, but outdoor is allowed.) I had today off and in my travels I noticed that a lot of the cherry blossoms are out and snapped a few pictures. Amazing how a leisurely spring day can lift one’s spirits!

11 thoughts on “Well At Least It’s Not…

  1. Le printemps est en avance à Vancouver, ici il fait encore froid.:) les photos m’impressionnent.
    La perte de poids qui suivra immanquablement le régime hypoglycémique devrait soulager vos articulations et vous aider à gérer les soucis d’arthrose.
    Bon courage!

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    • Every day there are new blossoms out! Hopefully it will warm up in France soon enough.
      I think weight loss will help in all kinds of ways, and as you say, should help my joints too. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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  2. Well, those are glorious blossoms — definitely a reason to get out and do some gentle walking.

    I find the way doctors communicate immensely frustrating. When you find a good one cling to them for your life.

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    • Usually I like this guy. He delivered my second son and so I’ve been going to him for over 19 years. Usually he has a calming effect on me, which is valuable. But this was frustrating. I can’t seem to get him to just clearly tell me about each of the joints he x-rayed. Have to be persistent, I guess.

      The blossoms in that neighbourhood seemed to be a bit ahead. There are more coming out now too. Very beautiful. And one thing about Vancouver… it’s green here pretty much year-round.


      • Aargh. I agree, you have to be persistent. Or maybe write down your questions and if he doesn’t answer, ask him what the right question is to ask to get the answer you want.

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        • I did write down my questions, but we seemed to have a communication gap the last time. It was probably compounded by the fact that I “saw” him (by phone) on his last appointment of his last day before vacation and then on his last appointment of his first day back from vacation. Probably not the best timing. I’ll choose better next time.


  3. That’s good news that it’s not rheumatoid arthritis but sucks on the osteoarthritis. So frustrating that the doctor’s communication has been off, good for you for getting that referral, I hope they can help.
    Those trees are glorious! I hope our spring weather will return this weekend (the past week has been like winter here).


  4. Beautiful trees!

    Arthritis sucks I have it in both knees, worse in the left and bursitis in both feet. I get up in the morning and walk like an old lady. My right ankle has been larger than my left for some months. Someday, I’ll get back to my doctor (prolly this summer) and have all of that checked out. The day is coming where my many pairs of shoes will take a hike because of issues.

    RABBBWW is teeming with low carb recipes. Just sayin’ (I’ve lost all of my Covid and Quarantine weight, plus another 30 pounds since after Thanksgiving. Dropped another dress size and bought a belt as I have no fundage for more clothes. Crap.) Pretty much everything Spawn is cooking is coming from there

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    • Isn’t that sad, having to put aside the heals? Have to just embrace the flats. Now that my son has graduated from his college program, I am trying to focus on the doctor appts and taking care of my neglected health.

      I’ve lost just over 5 pounds in three weeks, so pretty good. You’ve lost a lot! Way to go! Maybe Spawn could learn to sew too and alter your clothes lol.

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      • Spawn has his hands full with cooking for me, work and college. He should be done in about 2 more semesters. Then he’ll job hunt and so will I. Hoping to move closer to my parents


      • hit send too soon. I have some beautiful flats. I have some glorious heels. I have a pair of shoes I didn’t order and they won’t take back, asshats. oh well And I have darling kitten heels. If I am forced into flats, by God, I’m wearing tennis shoes!


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