Overworked and Underblogged

Today’s prompt really resonated with me. I have been working all week on deadlines – I should still be working now and will be again before the night is done.  I had started the New Year with the idea that I would commit to myself, and that includes writing and blogging and spending time taking care of me.

At this point, though, the post that I am actually ruminating on won’t be written until the weekend, because I just don’t have the time.  Although I suppose that thinking about it is better than nothing.  One day this week, I worked until 1 a.m., which is not great for the creative juices and certainly not great for taking care of myself!

My Hubby and Older Son have both been working crazy hours this week too.  Not only do our jobs have intense demands right now, but apparently all of us have that same work ethic and over-commitment to our jobs.  Is that really a good thing to teach our kids?

This devotion to hard work certainly was instilled in me through my parents. But their world was very different.  Now we can be connected to work 24/7…. In a little while, I’ll connect up to my office and do some more work.  When such a continuous connection is possible, where do we draw the line and find that much touted work-life balance?

1101130520_600-copyMy Older Son is a millennial.  Isn’t he supposed to be part of the “Me Me Me Generation” as in the 2013 Time Magazine cover to the right? He’s supposed to be all about work-life balance, isn’t he?  On the one hand, I’m proud that he has this great work ethic.  But on the other hand, all work and no play is not really how I’d like him to follow in my footsteps!

Maybe I need to set a better example.  I’ve only been swimming once since the New Year began and I had planned to be more active.  I’m back to my old bad habits with junk food and comfort food.  And my decision to post twice a week was in serious danger due to work load.  Hence, today’s post is intended to honour my commitment to myself.

And my resolve on the other ways to take care of myself???

Well… maybe next week.


6 thoughts on “Overworked and Underblogged

  1. I so hear you. One of my reasons for wanting to leave the university world was frankly the feeling that I was working more than was good for me and there was never any incentive to stop. As these articles keep telling me, no one on their death bed thinks, “I wish I would have worked more.” Life is short.

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