Waiting for Guylty Treasures: A Saga in Verse, Links, and Pictures

December 23 (left in the comments at Guylty Pleasure)

I’m just so excited to actually win
The RA initials made into a pin.
So thank you to Guylty (and to Hari too).
In closing I’ll say, “Merry Christmas to you!”

January 26

It’s been near a month (yes it’s been quite a while)
Since Guylty’s fine work left the Emerald Isle.
I wait by the door but the postman won’t come.
The thought that it’s lost has me feeling quite glum.

February 15

The package is lost — and so is the broach.
(Or could it be coming by boat, mule and coach?)
But wait– in the Valentine’s raffle I’ve won
A cover to put on my favourite cushion!


February 22

I was working quite late when my telephone rang.
“It’s me on the phone,” my younger son sang.
“Your package from Ireland — it’s finally come!”
And it wasn’t from V-Day but from the Christmas one!

So when I got home I opened it up.
I put on the pin and on chocolate did sup.
Apparently Thornton makes chocolate not cotton,
Plus a photo from Guylty I’d generously gotten!


February 24

It’s the end of the work week and what do I see?
Two Valentine packages waiting for me!
Ms. Guylty’s fine fabrics she’s made into gifts
And craftily made sure my spirits would lift!


So now as a fangirl my week is complete.
My basket is full of these goodies and treats!
And now when my work stress is getting me down,
My RA collection will bring me around!


Thanks, Guylty, for the anticipation and the collection!

8 thoughts on “Waiting for Guylty Treasures: A Saga in Verse, Links, and Pictures

  1. Oh my goodness – I love it! I can’t believe that you have been able to put the whole saga into rhyme!!! How cool is that? And it is a full story, no contrived, forced rhymes, but a real work of poetry. Well done! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks – it looks as if I am shouting.)
    As for the saga itself – that was quite a drama, wasn’t it? Started with a bang, then had quite a depressing middle of it, only to come to a happy ending. I still can’t get my head around the logic – and the logistics behind the odyssey of the packages.
    BTW, I love your coinage “Guylty Treasures”. It has just sparked an idea for a blog post for me…
    In any case, hope you enjoy your bits and pieces. Glad to see that you found a cushion inlet that works with the cover. And hopefully it won’t attract curious questions but works as the discreet fan item it was meant to be.


    • Thank you! I was amusing myself while waiting, by jotting some verse down on my iPhone Notes.
      It’s such a fun collection of things! I went a little crazy in the craft store on the weekend and bought a basket and some frames, along with the cushion insert. My son was waiting in the car and finally asked if I was ever coming out! Lots of fun.


      • Men. They just can’t understand the fascination of those craft stores. (I was researching craft superstores just yesterday, ahead of my trip to Germany. Despite Germany being quite a stronghold of the hand-made movement, we unfortunately do not have anything on the scale of Michael’s etc like they have in the US. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’d probably leave a small fortune in such a store. Ireland, btw, is a complete hand-made desert.)


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