Technology Hates Me

I’ve come to the conclusion that technology hates me. The first piece of evidence is what happened when I published my previous post, Waiting for Guylty Treasures: A Saga in Verse, Links, and Pictures. The evidence below is presented for your consideration:

  • publish-buttonWhen I clicked “Publish” on my previous post, the post didn’t show up in the Reader. I checked the post, finding it was marked as published “2 days ago”. So, that’s where it was in the Reader… back buried away 2 days prior! I changed the date, but that didn’t help. Hmm. The next day I contacted WP support on the mobile app, where it took 13 hours for them to answer. Meanwhile, after 7 1/2 hours, I managed to get someone over the web. (Apparently mobile and web use “a different support system.”) A developer had to “reprocess the blog feed”, so the post would appear in the right place chronologically — but of course since it was now a day later, it was still buried a day behind! According one of the support people, the “Publish” button isn’t supposed to back date the post (duh) and that this is “a known issue where this has happened to a [hated] handful of users…and [they] are investigating.” I was advised that, if I want to be absolutely sure of the date matching the day I post, I need to schedule the post for a few minutes in the future. Blogging time travel!
  • starbucksMy Starbucks app doesn’t want me to have coffee. Even though I have a credit card on there, it won’t let me reload remotely so I can use the mobile order. And lately, half the time the app kicks me out and makes me sign in again. I’ve now had to memorize the password.
  • My iPhone shuts down at around 29% power…. usually when I am ordering my coffee at Starbucks. I’ve now had to memorize my Starbucks card number.
  • Songs have suddenly started disappearing from my iTunes. Sometimes whole albums, sometimes just songs. These are songs that I purchased. They’re not just gone from my phone, they’re gone from my purchases. This sucks.
  • I use Excel extensively at work. The whole program has begun suddenly shutting down. Or a file will suddenly not be savable because it apparently is so damaged it can’t be repaired. This also sucks.
  • Several months ago, I stopped using my Weight Watchers app because it changed my weigh-in day, affecting when my points start/stop for the week and really confusing me. Despite technology’s best efforts, I’ve now started back on the program.
  • Both fridges at work died within a couple of weeks of each other. Making it hard to bring lunches to stick to the Weight Watchers program. But we thwarted technology and bought new ones. Ha!
  • A few times, when I’m leaving comments on a blog, the comment will duplicate itself and sometimes send twice. Making me look pretty repetitive. Sorry.
  • My new high efficiency washer is so efficient that it doesn’t get the clothes completely wet, even on “deep fill”.  New meaning to dry cleaning?

Of course, I should be thankful that it’s not like a few years ago when the coffee machine at the hockey rink decided that a huge piece of rubber should be added to my coffee! No, Starbucks should NOT come up with a rubber macchiato!

I could move to the wilderness and live off the land… but I have no survival skills. Plus you can’t let the technology win!

So, I’m just going to hold my breath while I once again click the “Publish” button. Here goes….

8 thoughts on “Technology Hates Me

  1. I hesitate to press my luck because my tech fortunes have been pretty good lately, but I can relate…thankfully my work laptop did not do its customary blue screen crash *before* I saved all the edits on the Excel file of the schedule of classes for the 2017-18 academic year.

    Then again, maybe I only think I saved it because it was during a network files flicker event! 😱


      • I’ve had that happen occasionally — the post publishes with the date and time when I began composing it rather than when I published it — but I don’t ever use mobile, and I don’t often use the reader, so I guess I don’t see how other people process it.


        • It seems that the web editor, the PC app, and the mobile app all work a bit differently, which to me makes it a bit hard to know what to expect. And then there are unexpected glitches. They told me that if you publish using the PC app (which I didn’t), the publish button goes back to the beginning composing date, but that if you go to the “…” in the top left and then hit Publish Now it will post with the publish date.


          • Huh. I write on a Mac and publish that way exclusively, don’t have a “publish now” button — just “publish” and the default is set to “immediately.” (shrugs) but I am still using their “old” editor (have it bookmarked and it hasn’t disappeared yet, lol).

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