RA Challenge – Week 2.5

Onward! … RAcking my brain to find answers for Guylty’s Richard Armitage fandom challenge! Here are #11 to #14, continuing from here.

#11 Something I Wish Hadn’t Happened in Context with RA:

I really find the whole tweet/delete scenario annoying. And also the disappearance of RA’s Instagram account (even though I wasn’t really following it). I know he’s said that he deletes tweets in order to end a conversation. But the problem is that this makes for a really unsatisfying, unresolved ending! His motives for wishing a conversation to end are rarely made clear. Would it be better if he revealed his motives? Hard to say. Maybe we wouldn’t like the answer.

#12 Something I Wish Would Happen in Context with RA:

Living in Vancouver, I really wish that our admired actor would do some filming in my city again. (What the heck was I doing when he was filming Brain on Fire?? How did I miss that??) Or maybe one of his films could premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival in September! That would be fun.

I often feel that I am a few steps behind…

#13 A Song that Reminds Me of RA:

One of my favourite Canadian performers is Chantal Kreviazuk. She did a 1999 cover of Randy Newman’s “Feels Like Home” that reminds me of our man.

Something in your eyes
Makes me want to lose myself
Makes me want to lose myself
In your arms
There’s something in your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts
The rest of my life

I found a fan video I like that puts some nice pics to this song. It’s by snoozielovesra:

#14 Favourite Villain:

I’m going to think outside the (TV) box and suggest Uriah Heep from the David Copperfield audiobook. Richard Armitage’s performance of this character is just perfectly slithery and slimy. It needs no visuals to convey the villainous motives behind Heep’s every action, each of which is designed to ingratiate himself with Mr. Wickfield and the lovely Agnes. When Heep gets his comeuppance, it is so wonderfully satisfying for the listener.

…Not quite halfway there! More to come on the weekend!

7 thoughts on “RA Challenge – Week 2.5

  1. Oddly, the instagram reappeared — so there’s the possibility that it was just some kind of glitch. That said, what bothered me more than that were the fan responses to it.


    • Huh. I checked back a couple of times but didn’t realize it had reappeared! I didn’t see too much in the way of fan responses except puzzlement, but I probably wasn’t looking in the right places. It’s hard to know why things disappear when he’s not forthcoming with info.


  2. Yeah, the tweet/delete thing…
    I love that you took an audiobook character as your fave villain! I don’t do audiobooks well, so that would never have occurred to me.


    • I only listen to audiobooks in the car. My brain seems to be able to drive and listen at the same time. I loved the “David Copperfield” audiobook.


  3. The constant Tweetgate has really chipped away on my enjoyment of his social media presence, too.
    Oh, what a great idea to suggest an audio character for favourite villain. And you are so right. Even as a non-fan of audio books, I found his depiction of Uriah Heep ingenious. As you said – slimy, slithery, downright disgusting. No visuals needed – and yet just by listening I could clearly imagine Heep’s mannerisms, rubbing his hands, always ducking and leaning in to other people, kind of sneering. I think, Armitage even made Heep smell bad… Masterful.


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