I am shocked and horrified by the devastating attack on the patrons at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. My heart goes out to those who were there in the middle of the terror, both those who made it out and those who did not. The families and loved ones of those victims have my deepest sympathy.

The targeting of children, young people, and their parents enjoying a pop singer’s performance is such a senseless act. It puts everyone on high alert, questioning any decision to go out and participate in the world and the good things it has to offer. As the mother of a teenager and a young adult, should I now hold them back from going out to enjoy the music they love in the company of other young people? But no, because I cannot impose those fears upon them nor encourage any fears that they might have.

These terrorist acts have the potential, unfortunately, to increase mistrust of those who are “other” than ourselves. I, myself, am proud to live and work in a multicultural community, where my life is enriched by the interaction with those of other cultures, other backgrounds, other religions. I refuse to treat my neighbours and colleagues with anything other than respect and an ongoing openness to embracing the things that make us different and yet ultimately the same.

Trying to move forward in hope…


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