RA Challenge – (Final) Week 5

It’s been a lot of fun answering Guylty’s Richard Armitage fandom challenge, and my previous week’s responses are here. I’ve often looked at some of the discussions around older posts about RA’s work and wished I had been reading at the time to participate. This challenge has been enjoyable for the opportunity to present some of my opinions, likes and dislikes that I wasn’t able to put forward in the past. So, here goes with questions #27 to #31:

#27 Favourite Quote by a Character or RA:

I love the line in North and South where John Thornton reacts to Margaret finally choosing him, saying, “You’re coming home with me?!” This moment was also my answer to #2 here, appreciating how Armitage conveys humility as well as awe at her choice.

I find it interesting that this exact line is said by Sir Guy of Gisborne to Lady Marian, after he “rescues” her from being tied up in the tree by Robin Hood. While said with less humility and more paternalism, it does show Guy’s relief that she is safe and with him. There is even a bit of surprise in the slightly raised eyebrow after that line. The line is particularly heart-breaking to me, as Guy is being duped, once again. (Picture from RichardArmitageNet.com)

You're coming home with me Sir Guy“It’s all right. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.

You’re coming home with me.

You’re safe now.”

Here is the Robin Hood, Series 2, Episode 9 clip on RichardArmitageOnline.

#28 Favourite Climax (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc):

This is the same as my answer for saddest moment in #10, because I find the scene where Guy destroys both Marian and himself with his sword to be so compelling and well-acted. She throws her love for Robin into Guy’s face, he reacts instantly, and then he cannot undo what he so deeply regrets. I have watched that scene probably more than the North and South train scene.

#29 A Moment that Made Me Question Whether I Would Continue fangirling for RA:

I haven’t really experienced anything like that. I don’t like the tweet/delete behaviour, but it’s not something that affects me that much in liking the actor. “Fangirling for RA” sounds much more like a job than the fun that it is, like “working for the company”.

#30 Whether Anything Will Ever Replace RA in My Admiration:

Never say never! I’ve certainly admired other actors and singers in the past, but probably not to quite the same extent. Maybe someone will come along and sweep me off my virtual feet!

#31 What I Would Like to Say to RA Right Now:

Come and see me in Vancouver!

Thanks, Guylty, for the Challenge! It’s been a blast!

3 thoughts on “RA Challenge – (Final) Week 5

  1. Never think you can’t tell me things….
    John Standring

    I should watch that show again, it’s been too long.

    I love your favorite climax, it’s mine as well, since Jackson couldn’t manage to kill Thorin the right way.

    Liked by 1 person

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