The Year of the Dog

I’ve been telling my dog all day, “This is it! It’s your year! It’s the Year of the Dog!” He just stares at me…

The Dog Is Not Amused

In fact, I call him my watch dog, because his favourite pastime seems to be watching me! No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, he’s just —  watching me. Very disconcerting.

One time I even caught him watching me through the glass door!

Watching through Door

What does he want? What does he think I’m going to do? There is no doubt what he wants in the picture below!


One day he decided to take matters into his own paws to find a treat. He pulled my backpack down from the bench, undid the zipper, and somehow reached down to the bottom of the inside back pocket. In the morning, the bag was open and the Starbucks bag where the banana loaf was stashed was lying empty on the floor!

My Backpack

I would expect that this is how he looked while he slept it off… food coma!

Tired Out

I wonder if my dog’s lack of excitement about the Lunar New Year is because he is a Japanese Chin, and Japan no longer celebrates it as a holiday. Or maybe it’s just because he is a dog!

In any case, he and I thought you might enjoy this song in honour of the Year of the Dog. Maya Rae is an up-and-coming local artist who, at 15, has just released her first full-length album of surprisingly sophisticated jazz. (After listening to her perform “I Got Rhythm” on CBC Radio, I’m thinking I might go and see her do a show in April.) The video below is her wonderful rendition of Heart’s “Dog and Butterfly”, which she recorded when she was only 12 or 13! Enjoy and Happy Lunar New Year!

13 thoughts on “The Year of the Dog

  1. Happy Year of the Dog to you too! I “share” a dog with my family – a loving black Lab – and love having him around. Such a good watch-dog. I always feel secure when everyone else is out. And thank you for sharing Maya Rae. Hadn’t heard of her before. What a lovely voice!

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    • Dogs are great company, aren’t they? I heard about Maya Rae on CBC radio just recently. She’s doing a concert at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby on April 4. I think she will really go places. She’s young but seems to work very hard at her career.


  2. He is so adorable! Two of my three dogs follow
    me around the house even into the bathroom.
    My guess is they have separation anxiety but
    I love it! They give me unconditional love and
    who can resist that?! The Cocker Spaniel
    Max is the only one who gives me space to
    decompress until it’s time to eat. The youngest
    Eddie is a labradoodle who at 75 pounds thinks he’s a 10 pound lap doggie. Your pics are very sweet. I wish my three pups would hold still long enough for me to snap a pic.

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    • My dog just sits and stares at me so much. When I say, “Stop staring”, he turns his head away and tries to pretend he hasn’t been staring. It’s quite funny! Wow, three dogs! That must be a lot of work. Worth it though. My 15 pound dog thinks he’s a big dog and always wants to warn off the big dog’s with his big bark.

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      • The three of them are like small kids they watch what each other gets like hawks. The oldest is so smart she hoards her chewbones and treats under the bed then prances them out around the boys. But the ship sailed for me on having kids so the three are the closest thing right now and loyalty is huge for me which they go above and beyond!

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