Because They’re Beautiful

I walked two blocks up the hill from my house and took these pictures of the colourful changing sunset on Sunday. My younger son said, “Yeah, they’re nice, but I see it from my window every night.” Jaded.

An artist I’ve been listening to lately is Eva Cassidy, who died from melanoma in 1996, at the age of 33. This performance is from around 10 months before she died. A beautiful voice, uncompromising in making a song her own.

And then of course, no post with this title would be complete without a certain British actor, Mr. Richard Armitage, shown here in September at TIFF, where My Zoe premiered. I wish I could have been there, but life got in the way.

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14 thoughts on “Because They’re Beautiful

  1. Sue
    These are fabulous pics. Your word cut right to the bone jaded!
    Love Eva Cassidy shocking when she died I think she was on the cusp of being very well known
    Hope you are doing well. I’m sorry about Toronto would have been wonderful for you or if your sis went and reported! Oh well
    Hopefully My Zoe will hit your theatre and you can have another escape night!! 😘❤️

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    • Thanks, Michele. If not for a huge tree on the rear neighbours lawn, I might be able to take the pictures from my window. But at least I got some exercise!

      Yes, Eva Cassidy only signed her record deal as she was dying, unfortunately.

      Hopefully My Zoe will come here. In the meantime, I’m going to see The Lodge next week.

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    • Aren’t they though? I am always fascinated by the sunset. Eva Cassidy mostly came to be known after her death. She did a beautiful rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird as well.


  2. Ah, the callousness of youth. Maybe someday he’ll have a reason to think about what he isn’t noticing at present, but till then there’s more sunset for the rest of us 🙂

    I never thought much about the sunset until I moved to Florida, and then it was a shocker. Every night a beautiful sunset. Even the boring sunsets were beautiful. Definitely made me react. Now I look at the sunsets here (which definitely are way less dramatic) with a lot more appreciation.

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