Sitting in the Dark…

No power and around two feet of snow! What happened to my mild, green Vancouver?! Worst of it is… I can’t keep binge-watching my House MD marathon!

29 thoughts on “Sitting in the Dark…

  1. wow! we freak out in the UK when we get 2 inches of the stuff! lol. seriously , the British public are ridiculous, we had one day of snow last year and you would think it was the end of the word-our neighbours bought 4 loaves of bread and 4 pints of milk-just in case. I dont know why they think the world would collapse if their milk supply runs out!

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    • Lol. That’s funny. Here we only get a few days like this per year, so there aren’t enough snow plows. My street wasn’t plowed at all today. All schools were closed throughout the metropolitan area, as were a lot of businesses. Now there are high winds and we’re supposed to get a few more inches tonight. At least the power is back on! Apparently someone skidded into a pole and brought down a wire, affecting 2100 households.

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      • I’d never heard that song before! When I was a kid, they used to deliver milk to the door like that. We’d leave the empties in the little two-sided cupboard by the front door and the milkman would replace it.


    • No more snow last night, but one more power failure. They ran a House marathon over the holidays of the whole series on TV, so I recorded them all. I’ve seen them before but I don’t remember the details. I have 80 or so episodes left! Yes, I have a thing for Hugh Laurie as House, although not for Laurie in his real persona. Although he is very talented and brilliant.


  2. oops!!! I hope the power has been restored by now. I have to admit, though, that I think that snow picture is very pretty. (But as always, that comment comes from the POV of someone who lives in place where there is hardly any snow at all!)
    Hope you are all well! Missing you!

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    • Yes, we had another power failure overnight, but all good now. The snow is pretty, but our cities here are just not prepared for it. Not enough plows. This is the second year I’ve used snow tires, though, which makes a huge difference.

      Yeah, I’m ok. Thanks. Working too hard and somehow watching House when I get home is all I have the energy for. I hope if I make little forays into blogging, that it will become a habit again.


  3. You could send some of that beautiful white stuff down here to your neighbors in the south….Here in the Northeast Coast of the USA we’ve not really had winter as of yet….The temps here have been well above average…..I do hope your power is restored soon so you can at least finish watching House (loved that show)….Take care, be safe………….

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