The Escape: Day 2

IMG_4207I had a nice, long lie-in this morning, trying not to feel guilty, like I should be up and doing something.

After I eventually roused myself and got ready for the day, I enjoyed my coffee and a simple breakfast in my room. I always travel with the dark roast coffee I like and the Richardized make-up bag designed and hand-made by Guylty. (You can find some of Guylty’s RA items at Redbubble.)

Finally I had a chance to catch up at least a bit, on things like cleaning up my personal inbox and reading a few blogs.

With the sun shining, I decided to venture out to see the high tide… well, I missed it by half an hour, but close enough.

I went into town after that and when I came back to the beach around four hours later, the water was halfway to low tide. Check out the difference.

In between, I went to this great women’s clothing store. Amazing to find a shop like that in this small town, with stylish, quality clothing for mature (but not old) women. I always make a point to spend some time in there. And even better today, there was 20% off everything, even the already deeply discounted items — some of which were as low as $17 CAD before the 20% off! I couldn’t resist, and I really could use some new options in my closet, particularly as I’ve put on weight (due to stress-eating). I found quite a lot that suited and fit me, and I was proud of myself for going way outside my comfort zone — I usually wear solids, tailored business jackets, and plain cardigans. My blog doesn’t generally feature my shopping sprees, but please indulge me while I take a page from Zee‘s book.


Definitely outside my comfort zone, in terms of being more feminine, lacy, and flowery than I normally wear to work. Except for the two t-shirts, which look great with jeans. (The bottom one on the left is actually more of a green colour, so I’m not sure why it looks grey here. Poor lighting I guess. And come to think of it, the top blouse on the left is actually a blue pattern.)

Hmm. I wonder if this was why my husband thought it would turn out to be an expensive trip… At least they were on sale.

Last item of the day was dinner, this time at an Indian restaurant. Vegetable pakora, chicken korma, and garlic naan, eaten while sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio. Of course I have leftovers — I wonder if pakora are good for breakfast?


I feel so much less stressed than I did even yesterday, and I can see the difference in my face. One more day before I turn back into a pumpkin.

33 thoughts on “The Escape: Day 2

  1. Sue
    The views are amazing!!! Weather looks great
    Shopping is always great therapy !!!
    The dinner looks sooo yummy!!
    Definitely breakfast material !!
    So happy that your batteries are re charged
    I know my trip w Rachel put a lot of personal and professional stresses in my life into
    perspective and time away really helped me see much in a new light!!
    Thank you for sharing your escape with us!! 😘❤️

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  2. Mmm, the food looks delicious. Are you close to Nanoose Bay?

    I think you need a couple weeks off to recharge those batteries. I considered doing some PT work for the tax season, but haven’t Ng not worked for over 2 years, it feels like I don’t have the energy. Enjoy the rest of your mini escape

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    • Not too far… Rathtrevor Beach. Yeah, the food was great.

      I agree that a few days is not enough. The problem is that I am likely to fall right back into the same thing. Although the boss is going away for two weeks for spring break, so that will help. If you don’t need to work, then I wouldn’t. Just do things that make you happy.

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  3. Such gorgeous photos. You really stayed in a beautiful place. And a little bit of shopping thrown in, too. I had to laugh at your comment re. husband’s worry why the break might be expensive. Haha. You deserve it. The items look great!

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  4. Those nature photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Around here it’s mostly residential and no parks to speak of (… okay, except the one really big park, but it’s a bit of a trek just to get there and back) and we can’t drive anywhere at the moment either, and I feel a bit starved of nature. Plus Nottingham is nowhere near the sea. 😦

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    • Thanks. That is one of my happy places. My little escape that I went on is sustaining me through my excessive workload right now. I keep imagining myself back there.

      Even the view from my house is gorgeous, though. We are really lucky here. I can see mountains and the harbour from my window.

      We aren’t really on lockdown, as such, just being encouraged to stick close to home. We are now starting a gradual re-opening, and hopefully the case numbers will stay low.

      Nottingham sounds so romantic, though, with the Robin and Guy connections. I guess, though, that it is not really forest in the modern day.

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