After my last post, waving October goodbye, I can only say, “New month; same old stuff.” More work deadlines and more school drama managed. No new provincial election, although they are still counting the mail-in ballots from the election two weeks ago. It won’t change the leadership result, but there were around a dozen seats that were too close to call with the in-person voting. (Nowhere near as nail-bitingly stressful as the election we were watching on TV!)

We’ve had gorgeous weather the last few days, so I took a bit of time away from work and took some pictures, before all the leaves have fallen.

What’s been really spectacular, though, has been the sky. As the sun sets, there is a moment when if you can capture it, the clouds look pink or golden.

Apparently there could be rain, turning into snow on Monday night. I guess I should have put my snow tires on before now. Sigh.

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