Evening to Morning

So tired, can’t work anymore
Won’t sleep… don’t want to
Can’t give up the time alone
But it is guilt-coloured and
Spent on a routine of TV and chips

Too tired for anything else
Too aware of the stolen time lost
(They don’t pay me enough for this)
Stress at home; stress at work
Both now are the same place

Home is where the stress is?
And TV
And chips
A vicious circle of exhaustion and time wasted
Wasted for them
Wasted by me

Morning again
The cycle continues
Regret the chips
Berate myself that I’m an hour behind
Try to do positive affirmation
But vocalize instead a “What fresh horror awaits?”
Need to get organized — must be my fault
Hope to get on top before it swallows me whole

I may not be working a jackhammer, but this song speaks to me about running away from the work and getting to a creative place

Image #1 by Robert Karkowski from Pixabay

Image #2 by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Image #3 by Jan Vašek from Pixabay (edited out the smile… sorry)

Image #4 by Pexels from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Evening to Morning

  1. The person who watched four hours of junk documentary about Windsor Castle night before last when she should have been either writing on her blog or in bed, sleeping, is sending you a big hug.

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