Audible Deal to Sept 19

Armitage Performs Dr J & Mr HWith Richard Armitage doing so many audiobooks lately, I’m thinking that I may need to supplement my Audible UK subscription. Apparently, you can have a subscription with more than one Audible marketplace (country).

I just noticed that until September 19, Audible Canada has a deal where you get 2 free audiobooks when you sign up for the free 30-day trial, instead of the usual 1. Cancel anytime, of course.

I’ll probably do it for the 2 free books. I have noticed, though, that the Canada site does not have quite the selection that the UK site does, although they do have some titles not on the UK site. (As an example, I’ve been wanting to listen to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine read by Cathleen McCarron from the Canada site. Her delivery sounds really good in the sample.) Also, it looks like if you keep your Canada subscription going, credits only roll over to the following month, whereas the UK site lets you roll over for up to 6 months.

Audible Canada Offer

17 thoughts on “Audible Deal to Sept 19

  1. Ok that is good to know. I got my free one in Feb from US Audible which I still haven’t finished yet but my list is growing from your recommendations and Servetus recommendations on her blog. I’m wondering what is taking so long w the keychains esp if you haven’t gotten yours and you live in Canada.

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      • I got my keychain just now, very cute with a nice note from Carla. I like the personal touches. The coat he is wearing is Belstaff (I think) and low and behold I found one on Ebay perusing it late one night two weeks ago and bid on it -women’s coat. I mean I look at the pic and it looks a dead ringer for his. Wow!!!

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          • I did!! It was 43 pounds plus shipping but still I googled it on Amazon and it was a heck of a lot more. Not as nice as Roz’ but she is tiny and I’m more busty too so I think it will fit. I went a little crazy on EBay after the Auction so I have to dial it back now but the quality and turn around time have been marvelous!!
            I’ve been oogling and caressing my key chain all day. Zee’s pics of Richard from Monday are also rolling around in my head.

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