“David Copperfield” is Free Today

In case you were thinking about signing up for Audible Canada today (September 19 only) to take advantage of the 2 free audiobooks instead of 1 to start (details here), there is an added bonus. David Copperfield narrated by Richard Armitage is free today. So, you could actually get 3 free audiobooks!

I just signed up for Audible Canada as my second site (I already have UK). I downloaded The Bloody Chamber (featuring Richard Armitage) and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine written by Gail Honeyman and narrated by Cathleen McCarron

I didn’t download David Copperfield since I already own it, but it is one of my favourites in my iTunes library.

david copperfield

10 thoughts on ““David Copperfield” is Free Today

  1. Sue, so I’m going off topic here although I tried to think of a connection between David Copperfield to Doctor Foster but failed miserably . Anyway I liked S1 of Doctor Foster better than S2. I thought the whole revenge extreme theme was a bit too much in S2 but the twists and manipulation that Simon and Gemma do to each other, Tom and Kate were very well written and plotted out. I did some research and Suranne Jones said at the end of last year that she would be too busy in 2018 to think of filming S3 and Mike Bartlett apparently said he was in no hurry to write more episodes so…. I can see the buzz for a S3 with Tom missing now. I never watched Coronation Street although Lucas in S7E1 remarks about “catching up on it” so I may have a go at that series. She was supposed to be pretty good there as well. Hope your week has been well.

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    • No problem going off topic. Definitely S1 of Doctor Foster was better. I think in S2 they decided to do more of what worked in S1, but it felt a little forced to me. I thought that Tom Taylor was really good, though, in a really emotional role. (Just in case anyone else reads the comments, though, please watch the spoilers, even though off-topic.) It’s a really different TV system in the UK, with often years between seasons, so I’m sure they’ll be back eventually. Did you ever watch Doc Martin? They often go years between seasons. I don’t know about Coronation Street nowadays. I used to watch it years ago, but really it’s a soap opera so you’d have to be in the mood for that.


  2. Oh wow she’s dipping her toes into Audio too now. She’s come a long way since her Jane role in Pride and Prejudice. She was in the David Tennant movie What We Did on Our Holiday which I saw a few weeks back via Amazon. The child actors in that movie were terrific.

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      • You and my sister! My sister loved the book. I thought it was ok. I read, put it down, read. I’m not an Affleck fan so I read the book first then saw Gone Girl=-I would not have pictured Rosamund in that role though. She seems more naïve innocent like Jane than the character portrayed in the book. I didn’t really like the movie period maybe bec I had read the book first and I read the book bec of the buzz and my sister’s recommendation. Rosamund apparently was a Bond girl too and did a movie with Daniel Bruhl last year that is On Demand which I’m sort of waiting to see if I can get it on Netflix or Amazon-Day in Entebbe or something like that about a hijacking-suspense and political history. I like both these genres. She apparently has a movie coming out soon A Private War where she plays a real life war correspondent who was killed (some say assassinated) covering the Syrian war a few years ago. It looks really good.

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        • I loved the book, too. And I really thought that the movie was an excellent adaptation. Pike’s narration is with a very strong voice. I think she is able to be quite versatile. Spy stuff and political movies are not my favourites.


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