Last week was a stressful week. No time or energy to blog. What else is new?



With perseverance, though, the crisis was averted. Still working 7 days per week, unfortunately. Time still is at a premium, but I thought I would share some pictures from the last few weeks.


Outside the front door – Looks like something’s been digging in the grass

Front yard with Grass

Coloured in the bare patches… if only reality were so easy!


Tulip envy…. Not my garden. (This was a couple of weeks ago.)


Beautiful sunset from a local viewpoint. People were NOT social distancing. I moved down the street a bit to take this shot.

And you know what happens when people don’t social distance….


No idea where this came from or how it ended up on my phone.

Continuing through the outside world…


I did not see this in my travels. Wish I had. (Liam Hemsworth in Men’s Health magazine)

I did, however, see this inside on my TV one night and thought for a moment that it was Mr. RA from his Guy days.

It was actually another prominent nose owner, Ricardo Muti, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in a New Year’s Eve concert. This visual was part of a fascinating documentary, Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, about the life of the beautiful actress, who was also co-inventor of the precursor to our modern WiFi encryption.

Here’s something else I saw inside — my dog finding a patch of sun at the top of the stairs.


I did the same in a patch of sun in my home office, but the picture did not turn out quite as well. Selfie fail. Lol. But my hair looks pretty good. Luckily I got my dad’s hair… almost no grey to speak of.


Speaking of my home office, I have moved my work space into my younger son’s old bedroom. I had to keep explaining the gaming posters on the wall during Zoom meetings. I rather like this one, though.


In any case, I’ve taken them down and spent time cleaning the walls (might have taken less time to paint) and moving my furniture in, with a nice clean office environment as the result. I ordered a clear whiteboard for the wall, but I kind of don’t want to write on it.


I was hoping to find one of the following in my home, but no such luck. Yes, I seem to have a thing for the bearded guys.

So, instead, what did I get today?

I got “60”, and I’m thinking of returning it.

ETA: Just to be clear, there are no bakers in my house. That is a great cake, but it is not mine. Caption shows the source. My work colleagues, though, did send me a cake… we ate half of it after dinner, so only showing half. Also showing the large bouquet of flowers and a fruit bouquet from work, as well as a dozen roses from my husband. It was a nice celebration, even if the idea of 60 leaves me nonplussed.

30 thoughts on “Inside/Outside

    • Oh thanks. You’d think things would slow down for a pandemic, but it actually makes it worse because in addition to preparing for the audit, I’m writing safety protocols and an organizational safety plan.


    • Thank you! Yes, I kind of love my new office too. I need a couple of easy chairs for the other side of the room.

      That’s where it came from! You’re right! I thought it was funny and saved it. Thank you!

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  1. Sue

    First happy birthday! If it was recent then from one Gemini to another hope you had a wonderful day!!!
    Second your front yard is beautiful and the tulips 💐 are grand!
    Third always spectacular views from your eyes
    Fourth glad dog hasn’t found his home life too interrupted. My three are now confused again
    Fourth maybe some Armitage decor might be needed in the new home office 😉
    Fifth lucky duck on the no grey
    And finally hope things slow down and are peaceful by you!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Yes, it was yesterday. Our front yard was planted by the previous owners — we just watch it come up. There are roses that come out later. I do live in a beautiful area and the sunsets are generally spectacular.

      The dog is used to my husband working at home, so it’s not too bad for him. Your dogs are not so used to it, but they’re probably enjoying the attention.

      I haven’t moved my wall decor over from the other room yet. Hopefully I’ll have time someday if things ever do slow down.

      Yes, I’m lucky on the hair genes… but unfortunately I didn’t inherit his skinniness!


    • Thank you! Not my cake, though… just an illustration. I updated the post to show my actual cake.

      The tulips across the street were just fabulous! I really was envious.

      The colour in my new office was what my younger son chose for his room when we moved in nearly 6 years ago. The drapes too. They’ve held up pretty well, now that I’ve cleaned the walls.

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    • Thanks! Yes, the views are really beautiful around here. Hopefully not boring, as they don’t really change! My son keeps saying, “We don’t need to stop to get ANOTHER picture!”

      The cake is not mine… just for illustration. I updated the post to show my actual cake.


  2. Liam sure grew up nice, didn’t he? I guess I haven’t seen him for awhile!
    I love your vista shot with the mountains in the background, so beautiful. I get to look at soybean fields everyday and you get to look at that; I’m envious!
    I really like your cake too, very cute! age is just a number 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Didn’t he though? Apparently he took to working out to get over the whole Miley thing.

      I do have beautiful views around here. Glad you liked the shot. From my home office window i can wee mountains and water. I am very lucky. Not sure what soybean fields even look like! Although I do love edamame!

      Unfortunately not my actual cake, just an illustration. I updated the post to show the cake my work colleagues sent me. I guess it’s just a number, “60”, but somehow I can’t quite believe it and take it onboard.


  3. From one Gemini to another, Happy Birthday!

    That cake, half or not, looks absolutely yummy and now I need to order one for my birthday because I’m not letting this lockdown stop me from getting cake 🙂

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  4. Happy belated birthday! Love the cakes.
    Also, nice new office you have there and love the pictures of the flowers and that view.
    Take care of yourself, though, you definitely sound too busy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! The actual cake was delicious. Still 3 pieces left. Yes I am very comfortable in my new office. And the views here are amazing.
      I wish I could figure out how to change my busy-ness circumstances. It just keeps coming at me.


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