Heading to the Beach!

Raymond on the Beach

No, Raymond, not that beach! And don’t you own a bathing suit? It’s going to be hot! (Blurry picture of the Guylty RAPS that will, of course, accompany me.)

We’re heading for our annual trek to Osoyoos, British Columbia for a week in the sun. Here’s the view last year from the window of the suite that we book every year.

Osoyoos View

In Vancouver this morning it is 17 degrees Celsius and raining. Here is the forecast for the week in the two locations.

I live in the rainy zone (I don’t trust that forecast) and I’m travelling 5 hours to Canada’s only desert… which has that spectacular lake in the middle. Can’t wait! Warm water, hot sun, air conditioning, a king-sized bed with a fan over top, and best of all… I will not be looking at work emails at all!

My beach essentials are at the ready… must pack sun screen too.

Ready for the Beach

I’m ready!

8 thoughts on “Heading to the Beach!

  1. I didn’t realize Canada has a desert. Fandom is so educational! i hope you have a wonderful time.
    ps I don’t think Raymond would return to that Irish beach ever again, given the opportunity. I think he’d do like the rest of Europe and go to Spain or the South of France.

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    • Yes, complete with sage, cacti, wild horses, and rattlesnakes. And yet there are also lush vineyards and orchards. It’s a really interesting part of the country. Right now, I’m enjoying just relaxing for a change!
      I think you’re right that Raymond would be happier in the South of France. It’s the right language and there wouldn’t be all those bad memories from that Irish beach!

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